Pagedale Urban Fisheries Research Center – (PUFRC)

The Pagedale Urban Fisheries Research Center is a family owned business organized as a sole proprietorship.  At this stage, we are officially considering ourselves ‘beginning’ Missouri fish farmers.  We made the decision to start our farm as an urban fish farm in Pagedale, MO in St. Louis County.  As beginning urban farmers, we have a large learning curve in front of us; this is why as our name implies we have decided to initially operate as an urban fisheries research center.  By doing this we can learn and gain experience together with other community members or organizations interested in fish farming on how to become productive and profitable fish farmers in the state of Missouri.

Mission Statement

The PUFRC mission is to engage in Missouri aquaculture research, development, demonstration, and extension education to enhance viable and profitable U.S. aquaculture production which will benefit consumers, producers, service industries, and the American economy.

Leaders / Positions Held / Email

Jennifer Taylor Director
Marc Taylor II Facilities manager  
Timothy Frazier Technology director